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Teamspeak Information


Server address :

It is highly recommended to use the TS (especially for SIEGE, PVP and Raid). The Nick used in the TS must be the one used in game.
The Pubbilca area, atrium of the TS NinthLegion which will host all the people who do not have the privileges of TS. The "Gran Consiglio" channel is also present within the public area. The channel is located in that specific area to make the content visible to everyone.
If the officers, Capoparty or CapoRoyal need to take any private discussion of the clan, it can take advantage of the "Grand Council" channel.
The rule, before entering that channel occupied by other people, is to request permission via pm in game or TS.

Clan information


Clan name : NinthLegion

Alliance : LastLegit

 Person representing the clan :

Leader : GhostHawk / XShillla

Royal: Borax, DarkShin, merlino, MASSIMO, Panico, Flipy, Hisoka96

Clan Reclutament


Welcome the Ninth Legion !!!!

For to enter in our clan can contact:

Clan Leader, Royal, Official or all Costant Party Leader.


Fill out the form in the link below and you will be contacted immediately in game or mail.


(Choose your Destiny in the Ninth Legion)  

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