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the clan, founded in 2010 by XFalco74, XShilla, Merlino, Lupo and Arial, was born as a challenge in a private server. The legendary name "NinthLegion", then suggested by AMARU, is chosen after a careful research among the probable names to be used. From the beginning the NinthLegion has aroused curiosity, jealousy and hatred towards all the clans with which it has to do. The secret lies in the "Spirit of the NinthLegion", a spectrum that protects and loads of adrenaline every single member that possesses and honors our crest.

Below we are going to illustrate our status as a clan. that is, our regulations divided by hierarchy, politics, economy, teamspeak, forum and WEB.

The roles in the clan are: CapoClan / CapoRoyal / Officer / CapoCostant. The clan may contain No. 01 Capoclan. n ° 06 Heads Royal. n. 01 Officer every 10 clannati and n ° 01 CapoCostant for every costant party. A ViceCapoParty for CP can be nominated.
Starting from the bottom, the hierarchies of clans are very simple.

- CapoCostant. He exercises his power only and exclusively within his CP.
- Officer. Exercises on the whole clan excluding CP
- CapoRoyal. Exercise on the whole clan without exclusions


The decisions concerning rules and policies in the Clan will be taken by the ChiefClan with the advice of the CapiRoyal. The last word always belongs to the CapoClan.
If someone wants to propose a change in our rules, he can report to his CapoParty if he is a member of a CP or clan officer if he does not have a CP.
The members of the clan undertake to play loyally, politely and honestly, honoring the crest they carry.
There are no fakes among the CPs and if there were differences between members of two different CPs, it is up to the respective leaders of the constants to find a solution. The two leaders can ask for assistance to CapiRoyal or CapoClan if needed.
Participation in the life of the Clan is required (be available for raids, quests and various activities).
As for the composition of the parties in a channel, they are composed according to the following criteria: first, complete CPs are selected. Then the incomplete CPs, specially filled with clan people.
In the event that problems or discussions regarding the internal life of the Clan arise, related to negative attitudes towards their classmates, each player must contact his own CostantLeader, if he is a member of a CP otherwise a clan officer or Caporoyal, who then he will discuss it with the Chief Clan to take action on it.


In the clan there are no taxes to pay.
The economy Within a CostantParty is the responsibility of its PartyLeader. For When it concerns the Channel Command of clan, the guideline is to deposit the drop in WHC to try to equate the clan itself. If someone needs some equippe or item in WHC, he can ask his superior officer quietly, who will provide the supply.
The division can be extended to some regular clan friends and to the CP members if they are outside the clan.
The CapoParty can refrain from this rule, as long as they agree with each other.


It is highly recommended to use the TS (especially for SIEGE, PVP and Raid). The Nick used in the TS must be the one used in game.
The Pubbilca area, atrium of the TS NinthLegion which will host all the people who do not have the privileges of TS. The "Gran Consiglio" channel is also present within the public area. The channel is located in that specific area to make the content visible to everyone.
If the officers, Capoparty or CapoRoyal need to take any private discussion of the clan, it can take advantage of the "Grand Council" channel.
The rule, before entering that channel occupied by other people, is to request permission via pm in game or TS.


1. The Clan is militarily structured, with career open to all. Legislation is in place and military habits, which must be respected by all.

2. Decisions regarding the Clan in some cases will be taken by the Senate (see Governing).

3. The legionaries are committed to play, politely and honestly, honoring the tag that lead in any activity and to anyone.

4. Is required participation in the life of the Clan (be available for raids, quests and activities)

5. Every Legionnaire is committed to attend the Facebook Grup "NinthLegion Production"

6. it is strongly recommended to use TS (especially for PVP and Raid)

7. There are no fees to pay.

8. The drop ranging in Bank clans are those made during clan events. for the rest there is no constraint.

9. The Nick used in the TeamSpeack 3 must be one used in game

10. All decisions will be discussed together in the: forum, Clan Chat, TS.

11. The clan leader reserves the 'last word on everything

12. The assignments will be decided by the Clan Leader and privileged will be those who do PVP

13. Failure to follow the rules of the clan and the failure to respect the common rules of coexistence, lead to the sclan of the pg

14. All requests, regarding WHC, oly, Quest, must be forwarded via Mail to the clan leader.

15. The Ninth Legion accepts only the first PG , unless otherwise agreed with the clan chief or the Senate.

16. Who has them second PG can 'safely clannare in our second clan, who, as soon as assestiamo will always be the owner of the strength of the buff

17. In the event that problems arise or discussions about the internal life of the clan, related to negative attitudes towards their companions, each player must contact a member of the Senate, who will then discuss it with the Chief or Deputy Chief of Clan, for action to be taken.

18. It is important to know the hierarchies of clans, the various grades are distinguished by the boundary assigned in TeamSpeack 3.

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